What is Boho Live?

Boho Live is a fun online dating platform that offers its members the opportunity to meet and chat, all while maintaining security and privacy.

Boho Live members can chat with each other while texting and sending fun gifts at the same time.

How does Boho Live work?

Boho Live offers free membership to anyone aged 18 and over.

After completing the membership process in a simple and fast way, you can specify your preferences according to your interests, the language you speak or the region you live in and make new friends.

You can also start talking to these friends without the need for any phone number, either through the application or through our website.

As soon as the person you want to talk to answers the call, you will start talking.

In the Boho Live system, the phone information of the caller and the person being called remains strictly confidential and no member can see the phone number of another.

If you are using our mobile app and want to make a call from there, simply tap the CALL option on the profile of the person you are interested in and our mobile app will connect you directly with the other person and the conversation will start.

How can I join Boho Live?

You choose the method of becoming a member on our mobile applications or the "sign up" page on Boho Live Apps and choose a username that best expresses you.

You can then start the membership process by filling in the information requested from you in order to show you the most suitable people.

How should I create my profile?

Creating a profile on Boho Live is very simple and easy.

Your profile page will be created after entering the personal information of our members that will be seen by other users and will appear on their profile pages in user searches.

Remember, this is an entertainment platform, so we encourage you to express yourself in the most comfortable and authentic way.

How can I change my profile information?

You can update your profile with the ‘Edit My Profile’ option on the “Profile” page.

You can easily change your profile photo, account information or all other personal information from here.

Can I open more than one record?

No, you can't. You can only open one user account with the mobile phone number or email address or other methods you used during registration.

If you want to make a new registration with the same phone number or the same e-mail address, the system will not accept this entry.

You can contact [email protected] to change the method or information you are currently using.

How can I find other members and talk to them?

After you become a member of Boho Live, you can find members suitable for your criteria by choosing preferences such as age range and city from the 'Discover section'.

Then you can search for the person you are interested in, as we explained in the section how Boho Live works.

Do you need to pay for Boho Live membership?

Boho Live does not charge any fee for membership from its users.

You can start using the system free of charge from the moment you become a member.

What is the diamond pricing in Boho Live?

100 diamonds is equivalent to 1 minute.

After logging into your account, you can see the amount of diamonds we offer you in the market section and you can easily purchase the diamonds you want in a safe and secure way, either with mobile application payment methods, credit / debit card, mobile payment, or wire transfer / eft methods.

How can I top up my account with diamonds?

After becoming a member, you can easily and quickly top up your account with diamonds from the 'Market' section via mobile app payment methods.

Are there any charges on my phone bill?

If you have signed up with your phone number, we use your phone number so that you can contact other members of Boho Live that you are interested in.

Calls are handled by Boho Live's own phone number and system.

Therefore, there are no additional charges reflected on your phone bill.

How is the confidentiality of my personal information ensured?

As Boho Live, we use the most reliable technological products.

We store the information provided by our members on reliable server systems.

We do not share your information with other organizations or third parties in any way.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of the information I provide for payments?

Regardless of the payment method chosen by our members, the information they provide while using this method is stored reliably, as is the case with other personal information.

As Boho Live, we guarantee that no unexpected payment requests will be made other than the payments determined and approved by our members.

What should I do if I am annoyed by a user?

As Boho Live, we are working to ensure that our members can communicate with different people in a safe environment.

If our users are uncomfortable with the people they are talking to, they can go to the relevant person's profile and block that user.

After blocking, that user will not be able to reach you.

Apart from these blocks, we start the investigation process as soon as we receive complaints from our members about other members that they are uncomfortable with. If necessary, we cancel that user's membership to Boho Live.

What should I do if there is any problem?

You can write to [email protected] at any time of the day for any problem you experience within Boho Live or any questions you think need to be answered.

Why should I trust Boho Live?

Boho Live is a system that keeps the personal information of its members confidential and does not allow it to be used on other platforms in any way.

Boho Live platform, which is used entirely by real people, provides free service to its members.

Boho Live, which also has a system where its members earn diamonds as they talk, guarantees that its members will have absolutely no problems while using the most reliable payment tools.